Only the sexy Robert Pattinson.... Rob-why-not ? He's not just a pretty face but perhaps one of the best actors of his generation ! Over 18 please All my posts are edited enhanced malips or gifs made by me ... The rest of my posts thank you lovely ladies are reblogged from you xx

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    Thank you Nicole best gif ever !!!!!

    your welcome! best day for fans :-) Still smiling :-D

    Absolutely !!! Think this will be my new favourite re blog :-D
  • Great to see Rob supporting his girlfriend at her concert :)

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    first pic of Rob in John Mendell look. 

  • Thank you Nicole best gif ever !!!!!

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    EXCLUSIVE - Robert Pattinson and Girlfriend FKA Twigs shopping in Paris …

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    Screen shots from video of Rob and Tahliah shopping in Paris. He has his hand on her neck. 

    Full video here.

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    New fan pic… today in Paris (14th Oct)

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    au café Strega pour le déjeuné ;-)

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    Rob and Tahliah bought lots of clothes in Paris today. Pap video is very intrusive, but it looks like they weren’t aware they were being photographed. 10-14-14 

    Full video here.

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    his smile is warm fuzzie heaven

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    Rob and Tahliah shopping for Clothes in Paris today. 10/14/2014

    They are so Friggen cute together.

    I feel like a voyeur but I just cannot turn away. He looks so happy and at ease these days.

    Oh my. Now this is what PDA is all about. I know this in an intrusive Papz video. But look at Rob and Tahliah clothes shopping. For God sakes he is even having a good time. Do I point out the caresses, the hugs for the sheep. Or Rob standing at her dressing room.

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    Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs in Paris 10/14/14

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  • Robert Pattinson in Paris (October, 14) [X]

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  • New fanpics from Paris, Oct 14th. 

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